An Artistic Sound Tribute to Muhammad Ali featuring George Benson/Mandrill

January 28th, 2021

The Original Film starring Muhammad Ali, is called "The Greatest: Muhammad Ali" It is an independent film, and it features his journey from Cassius Clay to his conversion to Muhammad Ali. It is an excellent film. The film was done over by Will Smith, so now, when you search for the "Muhammad Ali" film, Will Smith's film comes up first.  The original is buried deep in a Google Search.  You have to be very specific to find it. 

The Original Song for the movie, first sung by George Benson "The Greatest Love of All," and then performed by Whitney Houston; so when you look for the song now, Whitney Houston's song comes up.  This podcast features the original song by George Benson and the songs from the original soundtrack featuring the legendary '70's group "Mandrill" 


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